Prototyping Open Value Networks for a P2P Society

Exploring P2P Production Models

Our goal is to help Open Enterprises, Cooperatives and Communities to distribute value between their members. will integrate knowledge production tools and team contributions tracking. Mapping workflows, ideas, donations and incomes in a common graph of value.

Exploring Collective Production of Knowledge

Mapping Decentralized and Heterogeneous Communities

Bootstrapping Production of Commons for an Open Society

Building a Global Community is an open project. Join our community and co-produce value with us within an Open Value Network. You can also invest in

Vasilis Kostakis

Vasilis Kostakis is Political Economist and founder of the P2P Lab. Currently he is senior research fellow at the Ragnar Nurkse School of Innovation and Governance at Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia, and collaborator of the P2P Foundation.

Diego González

Diego González is founder of Bitmind. He is Software Engineer, PhD in Information Science, Master in Artificial Intelligence and Graduate in International Cooperation for Development. His current research is focused on IT, social implications of technology, self-organizing systems and P2P Social Dynamics.

Ishan Shapiro

Ishan Shapiro is founder at MetaMaps and Notthisbody. His expertise lies in the sweet spot between human intuition & machine processes. He is a technographer, transmedia producer, filmmaker and strategist.

Research and Development

We are working hard to create the infrastructure of a new P2P paradigm.
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